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Weirdest Wedding Traditions Around the World

Each country have their own wedding traditions. These traditions are usually evident as most wedding couples would like to follow them for good luck. Here are some weirdest wedding traditions as collated by Charlotte Long. 15 of the weirdest wedding traditions from around the world Shoe’ll be sorry! In India the groom traditionally removes his shoes […]

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Wedding Tradition: Wedding Rings

We have previously shared with you some wedding traditions we usually see on wedding ceremonies. These traditions usually came from one or both of the couple going to be wed. Upon reading some articles regarding another wedding tradition being out of fashion, we wanted to write something about it since we are on that subject. […]

Wedding Traditions

Wedding Tradition: Throwing of Rice/Grains/Flowers

Weddings are one type of an event where heartwarming traditions are mostly incorporated and infused. These wedding traditions are usually dependent on the wedding couple’s background, history and religion. Among the few wedding tradition we have discussed is about the bride wearing a white dress and something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. […]


Wedding Tradition: White Wedding Dress

More often than not, traditions come in when a couple is planning their wedding day. These traditions serve as their guide in making plans and details for the wedding. One familiar tradition we are always seeing mostly is the bride wearing a white wedding dress. And we often asked where this tradition started from does. […]


What To Wear to a Traditional Wedding?

A long flowing white dress; the Rolls Royce decked out with flowers and a sweet little church in the spring countryside. There is something safe, certain and utterly romantic about traditional weddings. Perhaps it’s the sense of comfort in the fact that you are following a tradition laid down by generations before you and pride that you […]

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The Coronavirus and What it Means for Your Wedding

With the Coronavirus being categorised as a pandemic that hit the world in early 2020 and in three months have sadly taken the lives of over 5,500 people globally, it is safe to say that the disease is a rather serious matter.

Wedding Venue

UK’s Top 5 Glamorous Wedding Venues

Picking the best place to hold your wedding ceremony is one of the most crucial parts in the wedding planning process. Of course, every wedding couple wants their wedding to be very special as it is one of the most special moments of their life. And if you are planning to hold your wedding in […]

Wedding Traditions

Writing the Perfect Wedding Vows

There are a lot of important moments in a wedding ceremony such as the signing of the marriage certificate or the presentation of the ceremonial items. However, none of them are as most-anticipated than the Exchanging of the Wedding Vows. Save for the Kiss, of course. The exchange is a rather straightforward affair. The bride and […]

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The Wedding beard

It used to be the case that only certain cultures of our society wore a beard but try walking
down the street without seeing at least one. Yes, times have changed and beards
are commonplace.

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Wedding fashion 2018: brides are ditching veils for modern hats

In the past it has been customary to walk down the aisle wearing a sweeping white dress and matching elegant veil. But, in recent years, modern brides have well and truly switched up wedding day style rules, banishing tradition bridal dresses for jumpsuits, capes and colour, as well as ditching veils for flower crowns or […]